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Hair Magic with Lauren Kay
Rating- 5 stars
by Brittney on February 09, 2016

I debated getting a curly cut for months thinking that it might not be worth the extra money, but after going to several stylists and being disappointed every time with my hair cut, I womaned up and called Lauren. It was the best decision and experience ever. Lauren did a dry cut on me, which was a first. She explained how to apply the products, and I learned applications techniques that were mind-blowing (for me at least). I don't even recognize the curls that I have right now. They look like I've used a wand to get them, but it's all me :) I still get those curls on my own, too, which was the true test. I don't think anyone could be disappointed with Lauren's hair magic!

Lauren Kay, The Curl Whisperer
Rating- 5 stars
by Kewanna on December 06, 2015

I got my first Deva Cut with Lauren Kay this past week. This was by far the best salon experience I have had ever! Everyone in the salon was friendly. Lauren was super knowledgeable, about curly hair, and ALL types of curls, it was evident she has a passion for her profession. I have several textures in my hair 3c-4b and she tamed everyone. I left with well defined frizz free curls. My next appointment is already set, wonderful experience!

Lauren Kay is phenomenal!
Rating- 5 stars
by Amal on July 29, 2015

Lauren Kay spent 90 minutes with my 7 year old daughter and I, tailoring a cut just for her, and walking us through products, tips, and tricks to make managing her curls easier. She was enthusiastic and clearly loves what she does, and made my daughter excited about her beautiful curls! We're hooked!

Lauren saved my curls
Rating- 5 stars
by Gita on June 15, 2015

I have gone years with straightening my hair, never wearing my curls. Lauren is super enthusiastic, optimistic, and very easy to talk to. I have never had a hair cut like this before, where she teaches me how to wash my hair, scrunch my hair, and dry my hair to have perfect wearable curls any time I want! I now have new hair thanks to Lauren. You are doing yourself a disservice if you have curly hair and have never gone to Lauren! She is amazing and fabulous!

Lauren Kay made my day
Rating- 5 stars
by Elaine on March 26, 2015

On March 24th I had my first appointment with Lauren. I've never had such an excellent cut specifically for my hair type before. I went with high expectations and I was not disappointed. I had received a very poor cut from another stylist at another salon on February 13 and I was in need of a reshaping and I thought I might have my hair cut as short as possible. However, Lauren did more than salvage a bad cut. She made it look so wonderful. I had wanted a style that was more carefree where I didn't have to twist every single night to blend my different textures and that's what I received. I have told as many people as possible at work today and will continue to share my experience. Lauren definitely helped me reach my goal of a lower maintenance hairstyle that is feminine and stylish. Oh and I didn't bring any pictures with me. After reading previous glowing reviews about her skills I'd let her decide how to proceed. We just talked about my hair, products, and what I expected and she got started. I appreciate her level of knowledge, friendliness and she was excited to see my hair type. That was refreshing. I would encourage women with tight curly hair not to be timid about visiting Lauren because she truly knows what she is doing. I have NEVER had a stylist who professed to know about natural hair to take such care with washing my hair in quadrants to prevent tangles. I could go on and on. I'll sum up my review by saying I will definitely be going back to Lauren---I already made my next appointment. :)

Lauren is the best!!
Rating- 5 stars
by Tori on March 04, 2015

I have finally found the perfect stylist for my curly hair. Lauren really "got"me and what I was wanting done with my hair. This is the first time that I have left a salon after a cut and been completely satisfied with not only the cut but the styling. I got alot of compliments that day as well and 2nd day curls were still beautiful! I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship!

New curly girl tamed beautifully 
Rating- 5 stars
by Becky on February 06, 2015

I have had straight hair all my life; I used to perm it in the early 80's just to get a little body! Then as I became older straight hair was fashionable, lucky me! Until I hit my 50's and the strangest thing started happening...significant hair loss by the handfuls! I freaked and what was growing in was extremely curly with some very wicked cowlicks! Straight girl turned frizzy because I was treating my curls like they were straight strands. Lauren at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang compassionately listened to my woeful stories of bad cuts which accentuated my cowlicks, massive collection of lost hair in my hands every morning from breakage and hair loss, and true fear of going bald. Then she spoke about diet and supplements and introduced me to the DevaCurl hair products. After my first curly color and cut, I was beauty was back! After a year of agony from 50% hair volume loss I am well on the mend, my curls are beautiful and soft! I drive over 45 minutes to see Lauren, and it is worth every last mile and more because I feel beautiful again :)

Phenomenal products and stylists
Rating- 5 stars
by Shelly on February 04, 2015

Devacurl user for many years now and I cannot use other products. My hair always feels healthy and looks shiny. The frizz is actually under control!!Lauren is the best stylist I have ever been to. She has been cutting my hair for 7 years and I would follow her anywhere. She gives great suggestions on style and color.

I love my hair now
Rating- 5 stars
by Danie on February 04, 2015

Lauren Kay is a goddess with scissors. For thirty years, I fought my curly hair, trying to make it something it isn't. Lauren taught me to love my curls, embrace them, and care for them. I've been with her for about five years now and would follow her to the ends of the earth to care for my curls. When you're in her chair, you feel like the only client in the salon. I get compliments all of the time on my curls now and I've become so adamant about making sure they know Lauren is all they need.

Fabulous Curls
Rating- 5 stars
by Tricia on February 03, 2015

Lauren Kay is my amazing DevaCurl stylist at. My curls have never looked or felt better, and I have never been able to have such diverse styles or colors. She even cuts my twin daughters' hair, and gives them outstanding attention as well. Highly recommend this stylist and this salon.

Lauren is awesome!
Rating- 5 stars
by Jenny on February 02, 2015

Lauren got my hair back into wonderful shape after a dreadful bleach blonde experience. She started me on the Deva line and gave me my first ever curly cut. I have been a Deva lover and user ever since. I would recommend her to anyone.