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Lauren has been a Licensed Hairstylist since 2002. She specializes in cutting and coloring Wavy, Curly, and Coily Hair. Her goal is to help every "Curly Girl" embrace their curls and be proud to wear them. Lauren provides a safe haven for those that have always been told that their curls need to be fixed. She has many educational accomplishments under her belt, including multiple academies, workshops, and symposiums locally and in Chicago, Louisville, Charleston S.C., Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and New York City. Lauren is recognized on such websites as,, and Lauren is an International Curly Hair Artistry Member and continues her education with the best Curly Hair Artists from all over the world. Lauren Kay was the first stylist in Indiana, certified in the Devacurl Dry Cutting techniques and the Award Winning Pintura Highlighting method taught by the Devachan Salon in NYC. She loves to give her guests natural looking color that will have a soft grow out. Lauren is constantly doing research so that her guests have the best tips and tricks to take care of and manage their hair.